The Kingpins are the Kings of Jump Blues and Swing!

Kingpins Band
It’s a new and unique format, born of the blues, but taken upbeat with original horn arrangements and a show where musicians leap from the stage to join the party on the dance floor. It’s all about the excitement of jumpin’ blues and swinging saxophones that create a Kingpins dance party.

Kingpins Band Press Clippings

The Kingpins Blues Band is the hottest Rhythm and Blues show in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado.

“Here’s our chance to be early adapters and bedrock fans of the hottest swing-blues band around: The Kingpins featured at Avo’s ...  Several excellent musicians, with heaps of experience elsewhere, have come together to make a citified, sophisticated noise that invites you to boogie ‘till you need medical attention’. If you’ve ever felt like a band just isn’t a band without horns, then you are in luck, because these lads show up with as many as three horns at once.”
The Scene Magazine – Nightlife for the Northern Front Range says:

“The Kingpins play swinging jump blues featuring horns and
up-tempo blues that get people up and dancing.”
Scene – Nightlife for the Northern Front Range and Fort Collins
May 2008 Vol. 19 Issue 2

“The Kingpins bring their swing...”
Nissi’s – Bistro and Supper Club Shows - Boulder CO.

Colorado's hottest Swing-Blues band comes to Nissi's! THE KINGPINS,
famous for their mighty horn section "will have you dancing until you need medical attention."
Fun, fun, fun...
Nissi’s – Bistro and Supper Club Shows - Boulder CO.

“Jumpin’ blues and swing rolls into Avo’s … when the Kingpins hit the stage hard.
Scene – Nightlife for the Northern Front Range and Fort Collins
March 2009 Vol. 19 Issue 12
Kingpins’ showmanship is powered by 6 musicians who have individually entertained around the world.
The Kingpins are excited to bring their new lineup to the Front Range!!
We have an exceptional guitar/vocalist, Paul Yeagle  from San Jose, California. We also have two dynamic forces on bass with Tony Deyo from Philly and John Rudnicki from Detroit. They all join our Memphis sax man Brandon Vigil and Ft. Collins harp/sax man Don DiTommaso and drummer Ron Arrigo. It's an up-tempo new dance show with new songs, great blues vocals and all your favorite swing tunes.

There’s just one thing left to say,
“Get Dancin’”

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